The Newest Chest Tattoos

By Hyoa tattooer, done in Seoul. small;wing;single needle;chest;tiny;ifttt;little;hyoa;religious

Added: Sat 08 Dec 2018

By Ben Volt, done at FORM8 Tattoo, San Francisco.... tribal;neotribal;chest;huge;benvolt;facebook;blackwork;twitter;sleeve;geometric

Added: Sat 08 Dec 2018

By Lindsay April, done at Twin Oaks Tattoo, Toronto.... small;single needle;norepinephrine;chest;science;tiny;ifttt;little;lindsayapril;chemical structure

Added: Wed 05 Dec 2018

Blackwork/ornamental piece. Tattoo artist: Peter Madsen ·... arm;black;big;languages;back;chest;ornamental;tibetan;buddhist;blackwork;shoulder;tatuaje;unalome;tatuajes;religious;sleeve;peterblackhandmadsen;other;backpiece

Added: Tue 04 Dec 2018

Róbert A Borbás chest;Róbert A Borbás

Added: Tue 04 Dec 2018

Photo tattooed girl;chest;cat

Added: Mon 03 Dec 2018

By Michele Volpi · mfox, done at Venom Art Tattoo, Rapagnano.... insect;butterfly;animal;chest;facebook;twitter;michelevolpi;medium size;illustrative

Added: Sat 01 Dec 2018

By Michele Servadio, done at Servadio’s Private Studio,... flower;chest;facebook;nature;blackwork;twitter;micheleservadio;medium size

Added: Fri 30 Nov 2018

By Patryk Hilton, done at Studio Tatuażu Pantera Bydgoszcz,... small;micro;heart;line art;chest;tiny;heart and dagger;love;ifttt;little;minimalist;patrykhilton;fine line

Added: Tue 27 Nov 2018

By Nicklas Westin, done at Family Art Tattoo, Barcelona.... namakubi;patriotic;neo japanese;japanese culture;chest;nicklaswestin;facebook;twitter;medium size

Added: Tue 20 Nov 2018

By Doy, done at Inkedwall, Seoul. small;pet;dog;animal;chest;tiny;yorkshire terrier;ifttt;little;realistic;doy

Added: Wed 14 Nov 2018

By Bacanu Bogdan, done at NR Tattoo Cheltenham, Cheltenham.... art;black and grey;bacanubogdan;switzerland;patriotic;h r giger;big;chest;facebook;twitter;shoulder

Added: Sun 11 Nov 2018

By Lisa Orth, done at Incognito Tattoo, Los Angeles.... peony;flower;lisaorth;big;chest;rib;facebook;nature;twitter;engraving

Added: Sat 10 Nov 2018

By Roxx, done at 2Spirit Tattoo SF, San Francisco.... tribal;neotribal;chest;huge;blackout;facebook;blackwork;twitter;roxx;sleeve

Added: Thu 08 Nov 2018

By Roxx, done at 2Spirit Tattoo, Santa Monica.... optical illusion;big;chest;op art;facebook;blackwork;twitter;roxx;geometric

Added: Wed 07 Nov 2018

By Mo Ganji, done in Berlin. film and book;continuous line;fictional character;line art;big;chest;star wars;facebook;star wars characters;twitter;mo ganji;chewbacca

Added: Sun 04 Nov 2018

By Comotattoo, done in Seoul. flower;small;chest;tiny;flower wreath;como;ifttt;little;nature;illustrative

Added: Thu 01 Nov 2018

By JeongHwi · Coldgray, done at Cold Gray Tattoo, Seoul.... black and grey;big;chest;jeonghwi;stairway;facebook;twitter;architecture;other

Added: Tue 30 Oct 2018

By Adam Sage, done at 1770 Tattoo, Brighton.... adamsage;small;shell;chest;hand poked;facebook;nature;twitter;ocean

Added: Mon 29 Oct 2018

By David Côté, done at Imperial Tattoo Connexion, Montreal.... surrealist;davidcote;chest;contemporary;sedna;facebook;twitter;pop art;medium size;mythology

Added: Wed 24 Oct 2018

By Comotattoo, done in Seoul. flower;small;lily;single needle;chest;tiny;como;ifttt;little;nature

Added: Sun 14 Oct 2018

By Sergio González · Doce, done at 12 Lágrimas Tattoo, Mislata.... art;roman mythology;black and grey;patriotic;big;ancient rome;chest;lambert sigisbert;france;travel;roman god;facebook;location;twitter;mythology;sergiogonzalez;europe

Added: Fri 12 Oct 2018

By Chang, done at West 4 Tattoo, Manhattan.... small;life;it goes on;chang;languages;chest;tiny;ifttt;little;typewriter font;english;font;lettering;quotes;other;english tattoo quotes

Added: Mon 08 Oct 2018

By Young Woong Han, done at Rose of No Man’s Land, Berlin.... youngwoonghan;zodiac;feline;lion;big;animal;chest;facebook;leo;astrology;twitter;neotraditional

Added: Sat 06 Oct 2018

By Comotattoo, done in Seoul. small;single needle;animal;chest;tiny;bird;como;ifttt;little;falcon

Added: Fri 05 Oct 2018

By Fabio Mauro, done at Escarabajo Tattoo & Art, Buenos... sketch work;big;animal;chest;eagle;bird;sternum;facebook;twitter;fabio mauro;illustrative

Added: Wed 03 Oct 2018

By Dalmiro Dalmont, done at Black Garden Tattoo, London.... peony;flower;skull;dalmirodalmont;anatomy;neo japanese;big;chest;facebook;nature;twitter

Added: Sun 30 Sep 2018

By Adrian Bascur, done at NVMEN, Viña del Mar.... astronomy;chest;contemporary;galaxy;adrianbascur;facebook;twitter;medium size;brush stroke;other

Added: Sat 29 Sep 2018

By Adrian Bascur, done at NVMEN, Viña del Mar.... sketch work;fox;animal;chest;adrianbascur;facebook;twitter;medium size

Added: Fri 28 Sep 2018

By Chaim Machlev · DotsToLines, done at DotsToLines, Berlin.... geometric shape;line;chaimmachlev dotstolines;line art;big;chest;contemporary;sternum;facebook;forearm;twitter

Added: Thu 27 Sep 2018

By Mike Cole, done in Los Angeles. romanabrego;abstract;big;chest;mikecole;facebook;twitter;neck

Added: Tue 25 Sep 2018

By Corey Divine, done at SUTRA, Los Angeles.... corey divine;dotwork;big;chest;facebook;twitter;sacred geometry

Added: Mon 24 Sep 2018

By Grindesign · Róbert Borbás, done at Rooklet INK, Budapest.... big;deer;animal;chest;facebook;blackwork;twitter;grindesign robert borbas;illustrative

Added: Sat 22 Sep 2018

By Ben Volt, done at FORM8 Tattoo, San Francisco.... tribal;neotribal;big;chest;compass;travel;benvolt;op art;facebook;blackwork;twitter

Added: Mon 17 Sep 2018

By Victor Octaviano, done at Puros Cabrones Tattoo, Santo André.... art;big;chest;graphic;banksy;flower thrower;facebook;twitter;victoroctaviano;stencil

Added: Sun 16 Sep 2018

By Matt Curzon, done at Empire Melbourne, Melbourne.... mattcurzon;skull;anatomy;human skull;big;chest;facebook;twitter;neotraditional

Added: Fri 14 Sep 2018

By Tania Catclaw, done at El Diablo Tattoo Club, Lisboa.... sketch work;pet;dog;big;animal;chest;facebook;twitter;bull terrier;taniacatclaw

Added: Thu 13 Sep 2018

By Kane Navasard, done at Lowrider Tattoo Studio, Fountain... kanenavasard;cobra;single needle;animal;chest;cover ups;snake;facebook;twitter;medium size

Added: Wed 12 Sep 2018

By Grindesign · Róbert Borbás, done at Rooklet INK, Budapest.... big;chest;the witcher 3 wild hunt;facebook;blackwork;twitter;video game;grindesign robert borbas;game;illustrative

Added: Wed 12 Sep 2018

By Seoeon, done at Studio My O So Tis, Seoul.... small;moon phase;astronomy;single needle;chest;seoeon;tiny;ifttt;little;moon;medium size

Added: Thu 16 Aug 2018

By Tattooist River · Graffittoo · Min Kang, done at Graffittoo,... flower;small;chest;tiny;ifttt;little;nature;rivertattooist;baby s breath

Added: Tue 14 Aug 2018

By Makoto Ohmatsu, done in Kitakyushu. tiger;feline;big;animal;chest;facebook;japanese;twitter;makotoohmatsu;shoulder;upper arm

Added: Wed 18 Jul 2018

By Matt Lambdin, done at Sun House, Detroit.... healed;big;animal;chest;mattlambdin;eagle;bird;facebook;twitter;other;neotraditional

Added: Sat 14 Jul 2018

By Horitada, done at Black Dice Studio, Tokyo.... horitada;chest;huge;facebook;japanese;twitter;sleeve

Added: Wed 11 Jul 2018

By Zihwa, done at Reindeer Tattoo Studio, Seoul.... flower;big;chest;rose;zihwa;facebook;nature;blackwork;illustrative

Added: Fri 06 Jul 2018

By Sara Kori, done in Tel Aviv. small;micro;line art;chest;tiny;ifttt;little;sarakori;nature;lightning bolt;minimalist;fine line

Added: Tue 26 Jun 2018

By Grindesign · Róbert Borbás, done at Rooklet INK, Budapest.... horror;anatomy;heart;big;chest;love;facebook;blackwork;twitter;grindesign robert borbas;anatomical heart;illustrative

Added: Wed 20 Jun 2018

By Tattoo A Piece, done at Studio by Sol, Seoul.... spain;art;small;collarbone;pigeon;tiny;bird;travel;a piece;ifttt;little;location;picasso;europe;patriotic;animal;picasso dove of peace;chest

Added: Sun 17 Jun 2018

bitofanink:_Hot Tattoo Blog_ Jamie Lee Knott via Tumblr chest

Added: Sat 16 Jun 2018

By Evan Kim, done in Manhattan. small;latin;languages;chest;tiny;per aspera ad astra;ifttt;little;evankim;typewriter font;latin tattoo quotes;font;lettering;quotes

Added: Fri 15 Jun 2018